Starting the new year off with a sniffle

For the first time ever, I rang in the new year in bed with a book (Red Rising - I highly recommend it!) and a box of tissues. Sigh. Before you feel too sorry for me, I did watch the insane/incredible fireworks display from my bedroom window that the neighbors set off and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


It's now January 3rd and my main companions are still books, cough drops, tissues, Sudafed, and Netflix. I am really sick. 

I had so many plans for this year! So many  dreams and goals -

And now it's all ruined because I haven't had the perfect start.

Wait, what?

I was actually thinking this way for a full day as I moped around the house feeling sorry for myself. Some of this unhelpful thought process can undoubtedly be blamed on the 102 degree fever I was running, but most of it can be attributed to a fact that I've come to accept about myself:

I'm just a tad dramatic when I'm not feeling so hot. 

Being sick is not the end of the world. It is not the end of all my dreams for 2015. It is not ‘the worst thing ever.' (Yes, I actually said that - like I said, dramatic.) 

Being sick right now is:

  • Inconvenient 
  • My body signaling me that it's time to rest and recover
  • A reminder that though I may plan meticulously, something unexpected can and often does happen

And, I've discovered something really great - being sick right now is just underlining my desire to accomplish all the wonderful things I want to do in 2015. My dreams aren't derailed, they're just postponed for the moment. 

That's about all I have the energy to write. Time for a hot bath and then some soup.

xo Nicole

P.S. Do any of you get overly dramatic when you're ill? Am I the only one?!