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Do you know how hard it is to find positive news about teenage girls online? HARD. 

I know. I've searched the internet and the negative or just plain insulting articles far outweigh the inspiring and positive ones. 

So that's what the 'Buzz' section is for. When I do stumble across an article about a girl doing something awesome, I'll make sure and post it here. That way, if you get discouraged by all the garbage that's out there you can come here and see some good stuff. And if you see an article or video that you think I should know about, just contact me and if I love it, I'll post it! 

One note: I won't be posting articles raving about how pretty a teen girl is. There is enough of that out there.

I want to feature girls who are doing something, who are achieving something.

And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being pretty or wanting to be pretty (I spend plenty of time fixing my hair and putting on lipstick!) but there is more to you than that. A lot more. 

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photo credit: betsyjean79 via photopin cc